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SB ^.^

Na tomto blogu su clanky od 18!!! rokov- yaoi


Srpen 2010


25. srpna 2010 v 19:56 | Reiko |  Výkec ;)
Ahojte ...chcela by som sa kazdej SB ospravedlnit ze som nenastevovala ich casto ..pretoze som mala vela prave a nestihala som a teraz tu nebudem vobec :) idem na tyzden do Tatier takze prosim nemazat zo zoznamu :D takze paaa.. :)

futbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal :D

T-MAX all

25. srpna 2010 v 19:35 | Reiko |  Band




25. srpna 2010 v 19:32 | Reiko |  Band



Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 for Singapore confirmed

25. srpna 2010 v 19:20 | Reiko |  Other k-pop news

Having had a wonderful star-studded K-pop concert back in 2008, K-pop fans in Singapore were disappointed that there was no repeat the following year. The good news is that K-pop fans in Singapore can now rejoice for perhaps an even bigger concert that will be happening this October.
The news was revealed by a local concert organizer, Proof Label, and the Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 will be happening this October 23rd.
How epic is it?
Well, there's SNSD, Big Bang, F.T Island, SHINee, INFINITE and there's one more name that's yet to be revealed. It might not be the Dream Concert, but it's almost like the real thing!

zdroj: allkpop.com

jee BB a FT Island a SHINee !!!! ale aj INFINITE a podobne uz sa moooc tesim :) ♥♥♥


25. srpna 2010 v 19:16 | Reiko |  K-Drama, J-Drama
Prave dnes som dopozerala jednu z najlepsich k-dram ake som zatial videla..vazne moooc sa mi pacila a odporucam :) ... pod perexom viac o nej :)

SOLAR (International) (Full) Album

25. srpna 2010 v 13:58 | Reiko
takze konecne sem davam uplnu verziu Solaru :D to ale trvalo :)



Language: Korean
Release Date: 2010.08.25


01 Solar (Intro)
02 Superstar
03 기도 (feat. Teddy)
04 I'll Be There (ENG.)
05 Wedding Dress (ENG.)
06 Connection (feat. 빅톤) (ENG.)
07 Move (feat. Teddy)
08 Where U At
09 I need a Girl (feat. G-dragon)
10 나만 바라봐
11 Take It Slow
12 I'll Be There (KOR.)

Taeyang’s SOLAR International Album released

25. srpna 2010 v 13:50 | Reiko |  Tae Yang

It's August 25 in Korea and that means that all the albums scheduled to drop on this date has been released on all the various Korean music portals. The most anticipated album to drop today is none other than Taeyang's SOLAR International album. Just a few hours ago he revealed the English MV for I'll Be There but now you can listen to some of the other English tracks from the album.
zdroj;allkpop.com? :) ♥♥
mno nie je uzasny


25. srpna 2010 v 13:46 | Reiko |  Tae Yang
objavila som perfektnu strankuna Facebooku kde si mozete stiahnut walll atd :d a potom aj domovsku stranku a podobne :)

ARTIST MANAGEMENT : YG Entertainment Inc.
Released by: YG Entertainment Inc.
Release date: Aug 25, 2010

Love Love Love MV

25. srpna 2010 v 13:43 | Reiko |  FT Island video
Wau .. ta zmena ich looku im moooc pristane :) ale poriadne ma to zarazilo ale Hongki vyzera aj tak uzasne :)

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