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Na tomto blogu su clanky od 18!!! rokov- yaoi


Září 2010

2NE1 wins M! Countdown and other performances!

30. září 2010 v 17:44 | Reiko |  Other k-pop news

After the Chuseok holiday break last week, M! Countdown returns for another exciting show filled with awesome performances. T-ara's Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon are confirmed as MCs for this episode.

Aside from the comeback stage for Se7en, and the debut stage for Co-Ed, other performers on today's episode include: V.O.S, Co-Ed, Dalmatian, Sori, miss $, San-E, Oh Jong Hyuk, Park Ki Young, Sunny Side, SunMin, and Moon Ji Eun.
2NE1 won today's M! Countdown after edging out B2ST who had just released their comeback album this week but will only perform from next week. This was 2NE1's 2nd consecutive #1 on M! Countdown and maintains their winning momentum. Congratulations to 2NE1!
Check out their performance and encore below!

SHINee - Hello (Repackaged) Album

30. září 2010 v 16:42 | Reiko


Language: Korean
Release Date: 2010.09.30


02 Hello
03 하나 (One)
04 Get It


 moji milacikovia vydali novy album :) a pesnicka Hello ma ihned chytila :) hhh :) ♥♥♥ SHINee oppas :)

SHINee releases teaser for repackaged album single “Hello”

30. září 2010 v 6:30 | Reiko |  SHINee

SHINee has released a 30-second teaser for their repackaged album's title song, "Hello"!
"Hello" is described as a modern pop song with a R&B twist. The teaser unveils the members of SHINee as romantics getting ready to confess their feelings to their crush. Viewers are noting how "Hello" is quite the contrast from "Lucifer", as "Hello" shows the members in a more softer light.

The album will be available in stores on October 4th, but SHINee will be making their first performance of "Hello" on Music Bank this coming Friday. So stay tuned!


ANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... konecne... hoci len pred nedavnom bol Lucifer ale toto ... tu sa napr Taemin vracia k noon-ovskym casom a aj vsetci ostatni su mrte zlati, pekni whaaaa :) a Onew ♥♥♥ uz sa tesim na 4.10 :) teste sa aj vy :) dnesne rano je perfektne :) bEAST A bREATH A TERAZ TATO SPRAVA :) JOJ TO BUDE PEKNY ALE TAZKYY DEN :) ♥♥

'숨' (Breath) M/V

30. září 2010 v 6:26 | Reiko |  Beast video
Prave som sa zamilovala.... opat originalna choreografia... opat dokonali tanecnici ... a opat dokonalis pevaci :) yoseob ma s tymi vyskami zabil... whaa ja vim preco som sa tak tesila :) !♥♥♥♥♥

Want to bring JYJ to Europe?

29. září 2010 v 20:38 | Reiko |  JYJ

We know, thanks to Analytics, that there's many K-pop fans in the great continent of Europe but unfortunately there isn't much opportunity for Europeans to get a glimpse of their favorite K-pop stars in person. Well, here's a chance for you to possibly make a difference.
Yesterday, JYJ (Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) announced the release of their upcoming global album titled "The Beginning". In addition to this, they also announced a 8 city new album showcase tour from the 15th of October to the end of November in both Asia and the United States… once again, Europe is off the list.
Tired of being ignored, European fans started a project called "Let's put Europe on the map!" They sent out various e-mails and a fan coordinator of JYJ's tour (Monica) responded to their emails. She stated that they would like to see how many European fans actually exist and how many are willing to travel through Europe to attend a possible concert. The survey where they're collecting this data can be found here.
If enough people participate, who knows… you might be seeing JYJ in a European country in the near future! I'm sure some of your favorite acts will also follow if JYJ were to put on a successful show. Remember to participate in the survey.


toto musite kazda povinne vyplnit :) joj aka bysom bola rada... ja by som si aj zacestovvala len aby som ich videla :) ♥♥

U-Kiss reveals 4th mini album cover and tracklist

29. září 2010 v 20:36 | Reiko |  U-Kiss

It's been a while since we've heard from boy group U-Kiss! They've held a successful concert in the Philippines and performed at this year's 2010 Hallyu Dream Concert and are now finally ready to return to the kpop stage full force!
To kick things off, the boys have released the cover for their latest mini album "Break Time." As you can see, the boys sure clean up nice on the cover and have undergone quite a mature transformation for their comeback! Also, to further intensify the hype, the tracklist for their mini album has also been released!
1. Before Yesterday
2. 시끄럿!!
3. Light It Up
4. Rock 'Ya Body
5. Avatar
6. 시끄럿!! (Inst.)
The album will drop on October 4th and comes with a 50-pg booklet!


KONECNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yosh.. uz som aj uvazovala nad tym ze nejako dlho nic nevydali tak mi splnili moje zelanie :D ♥♥♥ tesim tesim :)

TASKETEEEE .. skola...

29. září 2010 v 14:22 | Reiko |  Výkec ;)
Teraz sa vam tu trochu postazujem... nasi milovani profaci si zmyslelize ich predmet je jediny takze nic nestiahm.. ja mam k tomu este jazykovku... a skusky na stuzkovu... jednoducho katastrofa... zaroven sa chcem ospravedlnit vsetkym SB-skam ze nechodim na blogy... a pritom sem pridavam clanky.. to sa ma tak ze rano pred skolou rychlo zapnem notas a daco sem rpidam..ale co najrychlejsie sa vynasnazim aby som si nasla cas a pozistovala co je nove ;)  takze este raz gomenne a prosim drzzte mi palce :)

Se7en - I'm Going Crazy Digital Single Album

29. září 2010 v 14:14 | Reiko


Language: Korean
Release Date: 2010.09.29


1 I'm Going Crazy
2 I'm Going Crazy (Inst.)

zamilovala som sa do tejto pesnicky :)♥♥

JYJ Announces Global Album “The Beginning”, Kanye West helps on the production

28. září 2010 v 21:15 | Reiko |  JYJ

Some big news coming from the JYJ (Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) camp as they've just announced a new global album release for "The Beginning".
Here's the exciting information below:
JYJ Announces "The Beginning"
New album from the ex-members of Asia's top selling male vocal act "TVXQ" collaborates with international music superstars on global debut
JYJ, which includes 3 main members from arguably the biggest selling male vocal group in Asia "TVXQ" has teamed up with A-list US producers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins for their global album debut "The Beginning". The title of the album is synonymous with their journey to date and marks a first for the group to release an English language album.
JYJ has an enormous fan base worldwide and the trio made it to the Guinness Book Records in 2008 and 2009 for having the World's Largest Official Fan Club at over 800,000 members in Seoul alone and being The Most Photographed Celebrities in the World shot an estimated 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials from the time of their debut in 2003 to May 19 2009 with their former group.
The first single off the album "Ayyy Girl" is produced by Kanye West who lends his vocals to the song. It also features the maestro of spoken word, Malik "The Poet" Yusef. It's a song that depicts the quest of seeking that perfect girl but when you find her, things are never quite as perfect as you envision it to be.
Besides the catchy first single by Kanye West, The Beginning also sees original compositions by top music producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. The two tracks are "Empty" and "Be My Girl".
Rodney Jerkins reportedly said,
"I'm really glad to work with JYJ on their debut album. It's all about the East meeting the West these days and the world is becoming a melting pot of various culttures. To have Kanye and myself champion the cause of unifying the world through the international language of music and introducing top artistes from one end of the globe to this end in America makes this a very special project to us."
Other than the creative collaborations with the US top producers onboard, JYJ who has been dabbling in songwriting since their teenage days, have also contributed a song each to the album. The tracks are "Still in Love" Jaejung, "I Can Soar" Junsu and "I Love You" Yuchun.
Mr. Baek Chang Ju, the trio's manager and CEO of C-JeS Entertainment, commented,
"We have faced many challenges in these recent months but are glad to complete an album which the boys are extremely proud of. The Beginning is a product of their blood, sweat and tears, and they hope fans will see the efforts that went into making this excellent album. As a partaker in their journey, I am so proud of them at this moment for what they have achieved."
The album comprises of 7 tracks and 3 remixes. Jae Chong, one of Asia's leading music producers has also contributed a track on it and played a big role in organizing and producing the overall project with the 3 members.
The Beginning is produced by Show Shop Entertainment and distributed by Warner Music worldwide. The album will be released on CD & digital formats from 12th OCT. There will also be a special limited edition `Luxury Package' which will be numbered and limited to only 99,999 sets.
The first single "Ayyy Girl" will be made available via i-Tunes for download on the 19th of Oct.
New Album Showcase Tour 2010
JYJ will be embarking on an 8 city new album showcase tour from the 15th of Oct to the end of November in Asia and the US. More information on the confirmed tour stops can be found via www.jyj-thebeginning.com
JYJ comprises of three members from South Korea namely Kim Jaejung, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu. They were originally from the boy band Dongbangshinki also known as "TVXQ" and "Tohoshinki" which is formed in 2003 in Korea. Known for their good looks, dancing skills and vocal capabilities, the boys took the Asian pop music market by storm. They were the first group to successfully spearhead the 2nd Korean Music wave into the Japanese market by becoming the first non Japanese act to have nine No. 1 singles on Japan's Oricon Charts. In 2009, the trio left the band and went on to form JYJ. In June 2010, JYJ held their first concert under their new identity at the Tokyo Dome, singing to more than 200,000 fans from 43 countries around the world. To date, the concert DVD became the second fastest selling DVD in Japan this year shifting 140,000 copies in its first week of release.

ZDROJ: allkpop.com

omo omo... teraz mam v tom dosti velky zmatok.. takze TVXQ sa rospadli alebo bude pokracovat len  novymi clenmi????? apreco tyto traja odisli??? to som tomu este neholdovala ale tak toto je pre na zdrvujuca novinka :(

Se7en reveals “I’m Going Crazy” MV

28. září 2010 v 21:08 | Reiko |  Se7en video

Earlier we reported that Se7en was to act alongside his actress girlfriend Park Han Byul in his upcoming music video.  It has just recently been confirmed that the MV was in fact for Se7en's follow-up track, 'I'm Going Crazy', which was just released on Se7en's official Youtube channel.
The music video displays Se7en and Park Han Byul constantly arguing over trivial matters, which hopefully is not what their real relationship is like.


whaa perfektne :)
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