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Na tomto blogu su clanky od 18!!! rokov- yaoi


Říjen 2010

Behind the scenes with 2PM for Spris Christmas Shoot and “I’ll Be Back” MV

17. října 2010 v 13:03 | Reiko |  2PM

Back in January, the boys of 2PM began endorsing the sports fashion line Spris. They've released many photo shoots with the company since then and they're back with another photo shoot for Christmas.
KBS Entertainment Relay recently went behind the scenes with the boys for the photo shoot and you can view some of the upcoming photo shots below. At one point they ask the 2PM members, "Which member personifies Christmas the most?" Both Taecyeon and Chansung chose Nichkhun while Nichkhun himself chose Chansung.

toto musela byt poriadna makacka... ked ich vidim takych unavenych tak mmk=i je ich straaasnemoc luto ale zas to mv za to stalo .. urcite ) takze dakujeme za vasu tvrdu pracu :)) ♥♥♥


inac po tomto obrazku sa neviem dockat vianoc a vsetjych foteciek co budu  a songov co vydaju k vianocam :) vsetci ♥♥

SHINee and 2NE1 win Mutizens on Inkigayo, plus other performances

17. října 2010 v 12:08 | Reiko |  SHINee
Takze... dlho som rozmyslala ci to sem pridam alebo nie, pretoze som si vsimla ze polka videi mi nejde.. takze sem pridam len tie co mi idu :) prijemne sledovanie :) A ps AANI NEVIETE AKA SOM RADA ZE VYHRALI SHINee ♥♥♥♥

SBS's Inkigayo has once again returned with their weekly broadcast of anticipated performances.
Noteworthy performances included the comebacks of 2PM, miss A, Younha, U-Kiss and Nine Muses, the solo debut of Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In, as well as BoA and Son Dambi's goodbye stages.
Due to a live baseball game broadcast, Inkigayo was canceled last week. But 2NE1 was on hand to receive their belated Mutizen award (for 'Go Away'). 2NE1 also made history with this 4th consecutive win since Inkigayo implemented the 3 wins rule. The 3 earlier wins was for 'Can't Nobody' and this 4th consecutive win was made possible since it was for 'Go Away'. Congratulations to them.
For this week, the seven nominees of 'Take 7' were SHINee ('Hello'), B2ST ('Soom'), miss A ('Breathe'), 2NE1 ('Go Away', 'Clap Your Hands'), BoA ('Copy & Paste'), and Supreme Team ('Then Then Then'). Supreme Team were not able to perform today due to conflicting schedules.
In the end, the winner of today's Mutizen award was SHINee, with their song 'Hello'. This was their 3rd Mutizen for their promotions after 2 wins for 'Lucifer' previously!

Konecne koniec tyzdna... :)

15. října 2010 v 19:37 | Reiko |  Výkec ;)
 Konecne skoncil tento vydrbany tyzden.. mna skoro porazilo .... 7 pisomkiek za 3 dni??? a oni si myslia ze nic okrem skoly nemame??? ale nic... nasledujuce tyzdne budu pohodicka takze aspon ako take volno :) a idem zajtra obehnut blogy takze som zvedava co noove pribudlo :) ♥♥

SHINee’s Jonghyun and Key injured during Indonesia trip

15. října 2010 v 19:34 | Reiko |  SHINee
It was revealed today that two of SHINee's members were injured after a performance in Indonesia. SHINee took off for Jakarta to perform for the 'Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert', held on October 12th.
SM Entertainment announced on the 14th, "The Indonesian fans showed a lot of interest in SHINee during this event. There were a lot of people that were waiting to see the group after the performance, so as Jonghyun was getting off-stage, he was being pushed around, causing him to twist his ankle and injure his ligaments. Key also got hurt at this time."
SM continued, "Jonghyun went to a hospital in Seoul as soon as he arrived. He got a minor cast to protect his ankle. Key went to the hospital as well and they told him he should rest for a day or two. Because of this, SHINee could not make it to the event that was scheduled that night."
SM added, "But their injuries are not serious, so their follow-up song 'Hello' will be promoted without problems. SHINee members remain very thankful of the Indonesian fans' support."
Their appearance in Indonesia made it to the first page of 'The Jakarta Post'.
Suddenly this explains why SHINee performed with just Minho, Taemin and Onew at the KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Fest last night.


coze??? ti fanasukovia... zabit ich je malo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taknech to naozaj nic nie je vazne a nech su coskoro v poriadku :) ♥

Onew's duck

14. října 2010 v 21:37 | Reiko |  SHINee video
toto ma zabije vzdy ked to vidim.. onew je tak rozkosny ked to spravy :) a za to ho milujem este viac ♥♥

Nic nestiham....

13. října 2010 v 14:50 | Reiko |  Výkec ;)
Sakra .. v pondelok som sa dozvedela ze zajtra mam mrte tazke pisomky : len pre priblizenie - litika 55 listov ( 4 maturitne temy) chemia ( 3 maturitne temy) AJ kopec slovicok a matika aritmeticka postupnost ktorej dobre nerozumiem.. takze prezit zajtrajsok a piatok bude pohodovka dufam..len musim este ist ak za kadernickou kvoli mojmu ucesu na stuzkovu... ludia ved to mam za dva necele tyzdne a my NIC nemame nacvicene... whaaa ... zblaznim ss :) tak vas opustam a idem sa drvit paaa :)

Park Han Byul to debut as a singer

13. října 2010 v 14:47 | Reiko |  Other k-pop news

Park Han Byul will be debuting as a singer through the help of her boyfriend, Se7en.
A representative of Park Han Byul spoke with Star News on the afternoon of October 13th, stating, "Park Han Byul will be releasing a digital single album by the end of this month, thereby officially debuting as a singer. Se7en has been acting as her vocal trainer while actively participating in the album's production."
Park Han Byul completed the recording and has just revealed that the digital single will contain two bubblegum-flavored tracks; despite this, the songs will apparently be easy to listen to. Yoo Jae Ha's cousin has also stepped forward as a producer in order to polish the songs.
The representative went on to reveal, "Despite Se7en's busy schedule, he frequently visits the recording studio and gives a lot of help. It's a project album, so she will not be appearing on broadcasts."


tesime tesime :)

G20 Seoul Summit Song - Let's Go

13. října 2010 v 14:46 | Reiko |  Other k-pop news
Toto sa mi paaci :)... :) ♥

Opat do skoly

10. října 2010 v 19:28 | Reiko |  Výkec ;)
Takze po tydni volnna co som si nechtiac spravila vdaka chorobe sa vraciam do skoly .... zameskala som 4 pisomky co budem dopisovat a kopec latky takze to bude moj zabojak.. mno pomaly dsa dostanem do tempa a coje najlepsie tento tyzden nam dojdu oznamka a tak sa moooc tesim ako budu vyzerat :) a v piatok idem s kamosom von alenbo so segrou nakupit jedlo do arirangu a soulplaza takzemi z toho vychadza ze konec tyzdna bude najllepsi :) mno dovtedy pezit veeela veci :)

prajem vam uspesny tyzden ktory hned zacina dobre a to comeback-om 2PM ♥♥ paaa :)

4. YG Entertainment

9. října 2010 v 14:36 | Reiko |  Other k-pop news
dobre takze sem pridavam poslednu spolocnost v ktorej su take skupiny ako BB a patri sem aj Se7en.... moja najmilsia spolocnost :) hoci tu nie su SHINee ale aj tak :) BB Se7en a podobne:) super !!!!

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