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Na tomto blogu su clanky od 18!!! rokov- yaoi


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27. dubna 2011 v 21:14 | Reiko


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Oran G - MayDay

27. října 2010 v 17:48 | Reiko
dalsia pecka z OST Fugitive Plan B ... mohla by som sem dat aj download ma napadlo :D mno nic tus u lyrics :)

“All My Love” featuring Jo Kwon, Ga-In, and Doojoon reveals promotional poster

20. října 2010 v 14:54 | Reiko

The cast of the upcoming MBC sitcom, 'All My Love', recently wrapped up a photo shoot for the sitcom's promotional poster, and it was revealed on October 20th.
The promotional poster for the sitcom 'All My Love', previously named 'Do Me a Favor', features the full 12-membered cast, including main man Kim Kab Soo, Park Mi Sun, Jo Kwon, Son Ga-In, Yoon Doojoon, Yoon Seung Ah, Jun Tae Soo, Yeon Woo Jin, Kim Young Ok, Bang Eun Hee, Jung Ho Bin, and Kim Na Young. The poster gives off a very fun-filled atmosphere, making viewers all the more interested in what this exciting sitcom will bring.
According to the production staff, although they were short for time on the photo shoot, all 12 members cooperated well and the photo shoot ran smoothly. It was said that the cast even monitored each other throughout the shoot, already displaying strong teamwork even before the official premier of the sitcom.
Jo Kwon, who will be playing the twin brother of Ga-In, revealed, "It was our first photo shoot with the cast, but everything flowed so naturally, and everyone harmonized with each other, so it was really fun and interesting. I'm looking forward to our future filmings."
Meanwhile, the sitcom will tell stories based on the fusion between a poor, kind family, and a selfish, rich family, where the mother (Park Mi Sun) of the greedy twins, Geum Ji (Ga-In) and Ok Yeob (Jo Kwon), remarries to a school director, Kim Kab Soo.

zdroj :allkpop.com

jeee tesim sa bude sranda ;)

Big Bang and Yunho’s “Haru” revealed

23. září 2010 v 21:53 | Reiko

A few weeks ago we reported Big Bang and many of Korea's top stars, including U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum, Han Chae Young, Park Si Hoo, and Lee Da Hae would participate in an omnibus style drama titled "Haru (One Day) An Unforgettable Day in Korea". It was commissioned by Korean Tourist Service Inc. to bring awareness to the beauty of Korean culture, and also to celebrate Korea's anniversary.
A teaser was released on September 10th which got a lot of people excited. As Chuseok ends in Korea, the long awaited drama has been released online at http://www.haru2010.com/eng/index.aspx
Unfortunately, due to many people wanting to watch this drama the video is loading very slow for me, maybe you'll have better luck. They're also offering some type of game with a tag search within the videos and prizes for Samsung products by completing a survey, check it out at http://www.haru2010.com/eng/index.aspx


wau.. ked som to videla ani som nedychala.. a ked na scenu dosli BB tak ma skoro svaclo o zem.. vazne so segrou sme zacali uplne kricat od nadsenia.. vsetci su tam bohovi !!! milujem to a tesim sa na dalsiu !!!! ♥♥

Mary Stayed Out All Night

21. září 2010 v 21:15 | Reiko
Takze vdaka Line som sa dozvedela, ze v novej dorame, ktora sa zacne vysielat 8. 11. :) co pravdepodobne dovtedy nevydrzim ale to je jedno..

mrte.. ked som sa to dozvedela.. viem co budem pozerat po Playful Kiss :) a inac pod perexom su hlavni herci a plagat :)
zdroj: http://bilyoleandr.blog.cz/

Playful Kiss broadcast rights sold to 12 countries

15. září 2010 v 18:06 | Reiko

Despite MBC's Playful Kiss suffering from low ratings in Korea, Kim Hyun Joong's appeal abroad has resulted in Group Eight successfully selling the broadcasting rights of the show to 12 different countries. The total sale of the broadcasting rights brought in a total of 4000000000 won or around $3.45 million dollars.
Kim Hyun Joong gained major popularity in Southeast Asian countries through his role in the mega popular drama Boys Over Flowers. In the Philippines and Thailand, Playful Kiss broke Korean drama records for highest bids on the broadcasting rights.
Back home in Korea, Playful Kiss hopes to perform better in the ratings department. The show should get a nice boost when KBS 2TV's Baker King Kim Tak Gu with ratings of nearly 50% ends on the 16th.


nemozu to sakra vysielat aj na SR? a ako inak? je to perfektna drama :D a ja ho zboznujem :D prave zacinam pozerat uz 5 diel :D whaaa zboznujem :D Kim Hyunjoong ♥♥ dobre vobec mi nesibe:D

Cyrano : Dating agency

15. září 2010 v 17:36 | Reiko

The upcoming romantic Korean movie 'Cyrano Agency' held the press conference at Ewha 100th Memmorial Hall at Ewha Girls' High School, Seoul, on August 16. This event is attended by its cast, movie's crew and reporters. The movie stars Uhm Tae Woong (Queen Seon Duk), Lee Min Jung (Smile), Daniel Choi (High Kick Through the Roof), and Park Shin Hye (You're Beautiful).
The movie inspired by the 1990 French movie entitled 'Cyrano de Bergerac', depicts a dating agency with a 99% success rate owned by Uhm's character and employs Park as a strategist. There is a shy guy (played by Daniel) who doesn't dare to approach a woman he loves (Lee) directly. He comes to the agency and asks their help to make that woman love him. Then, Uhm's team plan a game trick to initiate contact. But, in the process Uhm falls for her instead which make the two men begin to compete for her affection.
'Cyrano Agency' is scheduled to release in September during the Chuseok holiday weekend.


mooc sa na totesim.. som zvedava ako to cele dopadne.. ale dej to ma dobry a ak sato bude aspon trochu podobat predlohe tak tak uspech to ma zaruceny :)


25. srpna 2010 v 19:16 | Reiko
Prave dnes som dopozerala jednu z najlepsich k-dram ake som zatial videla..vazne moooc sa mi pacila a odporucam :) ... pod perexom viac o nej :)

Coffee Prince

17. srpna 2010 v 17:55 | Reiko
Vcera som dopozerala jednu z tych nejlepsich Dram ake som videla... moc sa mi pacila a vazne ma aj dobry dej.. jednoducho super a odporucam .. tu je nieco o nej :)

Boys Over Flowers

6. července 2010 v 8:59 | Reiko
Toto korejska verzia Hana Yori Gango, je aj natacana neskor a podla mna aj lepsie spracovana :D mno neviem posudte sami :)Ja som to uzidela no poslednou doou na nu stale myslim takzeto idem pozerat opet :D mno jo :D
Viac o Drame pod perexom :)

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