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Na tomto blogu su clanky od 18!!! rokov- yaoi


Planed watching

Runaway Sweetheart

27. dubna 2011 v 21:26 | Reiko
vyera to mrte dobre hoci je to cinska drama ;)


  • Since 26/09/2010
  • Category TV
  • Country China
  • Description Looking for new gossip? Try moving beyond the Upper East Side to a certain school on the other side of the world. Dan Humphrey's alter ego, Dan(or Shan?) Hanfei, just got a new roommate, Shulei/Serena, and he (or should we say, she) is stirring up drama in the all boys' college of Hua Gang. Swimmer Chuck is seriously questioning his sexual orientation, and even hottie Track Captain Nate is interested in this newcomer.

Lee Min Ho “City Hunter’ will broadcast on May

16. února 2011 v 10:40 | Reiko
finally finally :) ♥ i'm looking forward to it :D ♥

Lee Min Ho confirmed playing in upcoming Korean drama titled City Hunter. This drama will air on May 25, 2011. City Hunter predicted as a thrilling action drama caused many talented people will join such as Jin Hyuk, actor Lee Minho, and writer Hwang.
The publishing side of 'City Hunter' commented about this great collaboration, "We have a lot of expectations for writer Hwang Eun Kyung, who has shown her talent through several previous projects. We believe that synergy will be demonstrated through the collaboration of producer Jin Hyuk, actor Lee Min Ho, and writer Hwang."
For your information, Lee Min Ho is a phenomenal Korean star that succeeded for his many drama that he starred. Meanwhile, Jin Hyuk is a producer that produced a romantic drama 'Brilliant Legacy' and 'Prosecutor Princess'. Hwang Eun Kyung is a Screenwriter that got a successful in SBS drama, "Daemul" and her medical drama, "New Heart".

Teaser for Daesung’s drama “What’s Up” revealed

9. listopadu 2010 v 19:53 | Reiko

A teaser for drama "What's Up" starring Big Bang's Daesung has been revealed. The drama also stars Im Joo Hwan, Jeon Hye Jin, Im Ju Eun, Jo Jeong Seok, and Lee Su Hyeok.
What's Up is about the romance and drama between students enrolled in the theatrical / musical department of a university. It was written by the well-respected author Song Jinah, who has also previously written the hit dramas 'Kaist,' 'Sandglass,' and 'The Story of the First King's Four Gods.'
The teaser also mentions that it was shot on a Red One camera, check it out below:


vyzera to vazne dobre.. som zvedava .. teraz fakt pojdu konecne kvalitne dramy a nie len jedna na ktoru sa tesim cely tyzden a potom si to nemam ani kdepozriet :'(

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