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SHINee’s 2nd Japanese Single Juliette To Be Released in August

29. července 2011 v 12:32 | Reiko
juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuj oppas ... ahh rozkosni :) ♥
SHINee's second Japanese single Juliette is to be released on 29 August. It is Japanese version of SHINee's second mini album title song Juliette, which was released in May 2009 and topped all kinds of music charts. As it showcases SHINee's unique trendy and refined music and performance, it is expected to captivate Japanese music fans.
It is also coupled with Kiss Kiss Kiss, SHINee's first new Japanese single. Juliette teaser will be made public through EMI Music Japan Youtube channel on 29 July. As ringtones and coloring service will simultaneously start through mobile sites in Japan, the local fans' interest in SHINee's new single is expected to increase.
SHINee's first debut single 'Replay-you are my everything', released in June, made the best first week sales record in the category of Korean group debut single and received a gold certificate (for selling more than 100K) from Japan Record Association in the shortest time.
SHINee will start 'SHINee×NEW SHINY DENIM' campaign from September as new models for Right-On, a Japanese denim brand.
SHINee have had 'SHINee Japan Debut Premium Reception' in five cities, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kobe, Sapporo, and Nagoya, from 22 July.

TaeMin Birthday

18. července 2011 v 17:21 | Reiko
nas milovany maknae TaeMin oslavuje dnes 18. narodeniny. SHINee fans sledovali ako vyrasta z dietatka na krasneho, sexy a uzasne zlateho muza. takze mu zelam, aby este dlho si zanechal svoju cute a bol oporou celemu shinee :) ♥♥
shawols :D
credit: Taeminzoa

source & credit: Leeplay re-uploaded by anju @ soompi
source: Leena @ Soompi
source : paprii @ Soompi
source: withtaemin | credit & reupload :Emtenanshinee @ soompi
Credit :HuyenChju

Shin Se Kyung and SHINee’s Jonghyun are no longer dating

20. června 2011 v 12:32 | Reiko
... laska je zabita ... chudaci.. :( ahh jo JH FIGHTING ♥ a dufam ze sa nam skoro uzdravis ♥

Actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINee's Jonghyun have gone their separate ways.
According to Shin Se Kyung's agency on June 20th, Shin Se Kyung and Jonghyun are no longer dating, but are instead continuing their relationship as friends. The star couple raised the hopes of many as the new generation's star couple, and the news of their separation has saddened many fans, though there are surely those that are now rejoicing over their favorite star's single status.
The representative stated, "Though the two had good feelings for each other, after the news of their relationship was made known, the two were so busy with their schedules that it became difficult for them to meet and spent time together. Recently, they naturally decided to stay friends."
Another representative revealed, "I think it was hard for them to make time for each other, as each had very different schedules to complete. They said they decided to stay good friends."
It seems that it hasn't been long since the two broke up, as up until June 14th, when actor Kim Hye Sungenlisted in the military, there wasn't any word about their breakup.
Since last October, when their dating pictures were first released, Jonghyun has been going in and out of the country for a variety of concerts and Shin Se Kyung has been busy filming for her upcoming movie.
Source: Star News
JONGHYUN & SEKYUNG BROKE UP - http://tumblr.com/xlr334fgci

SHINee ‘Elle Girl Japan’ Name Card Game part 1

14. června 2011 v 19:51 | Reiko
milujeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem ;D

The questions in the game:

1. Which member is most competitive?

Members ask Minho, why are you so competitive?

Minho: Because I get irritated if I lose. Don't you feel so? I can't sleep at night.

2. Which member gets sulky oftentimes?

Minho: But I don't get sulky!

Taemin: Uh, hyung does. Key: Yes, you do.

3. Which member do you want to date if you were a girl?

Minho: Wait, what if I want to do all except for this member?

Taemin: Uh, everyone picked his own name.

Minho: How can you do so?

Jonghyun, Key: I want to date with myself.

Jonghyun: It's not like we're going to marry.

Key: He thinks similar to me. I'll change to Jonghyun hyung.

4. Which member is likely to get married first?

Taemin: Unanimous.

Jonghyun: Those who declares they would marry early end up not getting married.

Minho: Then, I'll change to Jonghyun hyung.

5. Which member loses things most?

Key, Jonghyun: Ah, there are two.

Taemin: Wait, wait.

Minho: No explanation needed for these two. Losing a cell phone here, and losing a wallet over there.

Key: Even now, they might have lost something.

Onew: They'll ask us in a minute.

Minho: They might lose this in a minute.

6. Which member is the most meticulous?

Onew: Key-goon also picked himself.

Key: It's me!

Jonghyun: He's very meticulous. Very mindful of details. Why did Minho pick me? I'm not meticulous at all.

Minho: He is in certain parts.

Jonghyun: If Minho-goon picks me, I get anxious. Why did he pick me?

Key: I even get annoyed by my meticulous side. But I can't help it.

Jonghyun: You were born that way.

Key: (Speaking in Japanese)

Taemin: So desuka? (Is it so?)

Jonghyun: What did he say?

Taemin: Ah, he said he's annoyed by his meticulous side.

Key: Wow.

Minho: Taemin-ah!

[Rough translation by jujugal]
via: paprii @ Soompi

SHINee Interview with TV Pia Magazine

9. června 2011 v 21:06 | Reiko
pani.. to je tak zlate... ale TaeMin a jeho naj anime je rovnake akomoj vkus ;)

Posted Image

<Onew's Interview>
- What made you start this work? I was headhunted when I was attending SM Academy because I liked singing.
- What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most? Mayuge (eye brows) / Sakura (Cherry blossoms)
- What animation do you like? One Piece
- What are you concentrating on recently? Listening to music. I listen to different genres of music.
- What made you laugh most recently?
When I had a trip with friends.
- Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now? Of course, Replay!!!!
- Message
We have had lots of experiences for three years since our debut in Korea. I think our range in performing on stage and recording songs has widened through those experiences. We are debuting in Japan, so I'd like to have many opportunities to communicate with Japanese fans based on our experiences.

<Jonghyun's Interview>
- What made you start this work? I was headhunted when I was in a band in my middle school days. Then, I passed an audition and started taking lessons.
- What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most? Masaka (by no means) / shou ga nai na (inevitable)
- What animation do you like? Hare+Guu, Cowboy Bebop
- What are you concentrating on recently? Studying Japanese watching Japanese animation
- What made you laugh most recently? When I had a birthday party with fans in April
- Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now? Our debut song Replay
- Message
I can say with confidence SHINee's team work is second to none. You mentioned our pose at the ending of Tokyo Legend event. Actually the idea was not from a particular member, but flew out of us naturally. I want to show such natural looks of us.

<Minho's Interview>
- What made you start this work? I had dreamed of it for a long time, but it started when I was headhunted on streets when I was in middle school.
- What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most? Tenshi (angel) / Tensai (genius)
- Which animation do you like? One Piece
- What are you concentrating on recently? Soccer game and watching Japanese drama
- What made you laugh most recently? When Taemin interpreted T.G.I Friday's as "Today's Great Item"!
- Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now? Hit Me on our 2nd mini album Romeo
- Message

DBSK sunbaes have given us advice since our Japan debut has been set: Changmin hyung about the difference between Korean and Japanese culture, and Yoonho hyung about how to attract the audience's attention on stage. I hope we can do as well as DBSK sunbaes. I wish we could do a concert in Tokyo Dome.

<Key Interview>
- What made you start this work? It has been my dream to be a singer from my childhood. I passed an audition held in my hometown Daegu.
- What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most? Sasuga (clever) / Umai jang (delicious)
- What animation do you like? Miyazaki Hayao's animation
- What are you concentrating on recently? Practicing Japanese and singing. I'm concentrating on everything.
- What made you laugh most recently? I burst into laughter watching a TV program.
- Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now? Lucifer whose live version is more exciting
- Message
We had our first solo live in Yoyogi Stadium last December. When I saw the pearl aqua green wave of fan lights in the crowded stadium, it moved me into tears. I was able to feel their cheers. Please, keep cheering for us.

<Taemin's Interview>
- What made you start this work? I started dancing when I was in 3rd grade and got interested in this area. I applied for an audition in 6th grade.
- What Japanese word did you memorize recently and what did you like most? Onaka peko peko (hungry) / kagayaku (shine)
- What animation do you like? My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, etc.
- Is there anything you fell for these days? Listening to J-pop
- What made you laugh most recently? When my dog does aegyo to me, it makes me smile.
- Which song would you recommend to those who got to know SHINee just now? The song I sang live at our concert in Yoyogi, Boy Meets Girl.
- Message
I have visited Japan several times, but the most impressive was Hokkaido. The snow we saw at the Sapporo Snow Festival was so pretty. And Japanese food is delicious! I like a bowl of rice served with eel and katsu-dong. I'm now studying Japanese watching Japanese animation or listening to J-pop. I look forward to meeting Japanese fans!

RTL French radio talks about SHINee

8. června 2011 v 20:49 | Reiko
taka pikoska ;)

Source: RTL.fr | English Translation and Credit: kiana78 @ SHINee Soompi Thread | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT
DJ 1: "To finish, this is a hit abroad and it's from South Korea."
DJ 1: "Yes and it's a boys group, a phenomenon since 3 years in South Korea. The group is called SHINee, they are five, five boys, five fashion icons aged between 17 and 20 years old. Their style is a mix of Pop and RnB. Here is an extract of their song, it is one of their first hit REPLAY."
*playing REPLAY extract - Korean Version*
DJ 1: "This is the current phenomenon in South Korea, the boys group SHINee, who is also No.1 in Japan at the moment with the Japanese version, because the one we heard is in Korean."
DJ 2: "Oh yeah, I recognized it *reference to korean language*"
DJ 1: "It is a message which says Noona You're Pretty. K-pop captivates the young generation in France. The five most popular groups, amongst which SHINee to which we just listened to, will perform in concert on Friday and Saturday nights at Le Zénith de Paris. The first time that this concert will be held in Europe, the tickets were sold out in 10 minutes."
DJ 2: "It's incredible."

You can listen it from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY9AaxUYQTY

SHINee Random Rankings

20. dubna 2011 v 14:40 | Reiko
perfektne...skoro uplne so vsetkym suhlasim a niektore sense ma poriadne pobavili...
Posted Image
source: DC SHINee Gallery | English Translation: April

SHINee Date Game

12. března 2011 v 21:23 | Reiko
OMOOOOOOOOOOOOO... prrave som si dobre zahrala ::) ahhh zlate odporucam zabavite sa ;)

Dubu Onew

9. března 2011 v 18:29 | Reiko
idem si spravit pekny vecer s mojim Onewom :) ♥

Lee TaeMin

9. března 2011 v 18:26 | Reiko
preco mam stale radsej a radsej TaeMin-a??? :) ♥



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